Now a Flicker

A few weeks ago I learnt about flicking! If you are late to the party just like me, flicking is a variation of the English knitting method. Similar to Continental, flicking facilitates both hands to stay in the needles instead of dropping a needle to throw the yarn as you do with traditional English knitting.

Fascinated by the possibility of reducing hand movements and therefore knitting a bit faster, I've watched a good number of YouTube videos to learn the technique. If interested, I recommend you do do a search on "Flicking knitting" in YouTube.

Knitting a cowl with simple knit and purl stitches is providing good practice on this new to me technique. I am a convert, my friends!

There is not much to say now about my WIP as it is just a few rows in. I will blog about the pattern and yarn in a later post.

Blues meet handspun

It was all about spinning this past week. My favorite wheel, Julia, is not feeling well. I've changed it's driver band and ball bearings...and still cannot make it spin like in good old days. So while Julia rested I worked with my Kromski wheel on spinning a beautiful Julie Spins' gradient.

I separated the fibre and spun three different two ply yarns: blue, turquoise and both colors blended with some white Merino I had in stash. I am happy with the results and yardage. There should be enough yarn for a very blue shawl.

About Stash Enhancement

Still valid is my goal of being mindful about stash enhancements. I am not one to get stressed about any upcoming show update. I don't have to knit with the hottest yarn in the market. But, if a skein strikes my fancy, I will let it come home without guilt.

I am enamored  with this Swans Island yarn. Check out their beautiful website: here.

Organic Merino | 525 yards | Fingering Weight | Natural Color Collection

The second skein screams "tropical spring" to me. It is from Three Irish Girls.

Adorn Sock | 430 yards | Fingering Weight | Wendy Darling colorway

Don't you think the yarns go along well? I need pattern ideas. Suggestions are very welcomed.

For a very practical discussion about stash enhancement, I recommend watching episode three of the "Hand Me My Knitting" podcast around the 22:41 time mark. Link here.